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October 16 – October 22nd is National Vet Tech Week. The Maine Veterinary Medical Center would like to honor our 30+ technicians with a formal celebration this year. 

Our Staff is the heart and soul of the Maine Veterinary Medical Center.  All of our licensed veterinary technicians are highly experienced in specialty and emergency veterinary medicine.  Our technicians work under the direct supervision of MVMC doctors and are an integral part of your pet's care and recovery.

Many of our technicians have over two decades of specialty medical and surgical experience.  The MVMC technicians are dedicated to providing advanced medical, surgical hospital and recovery care, while being sensitive and genuine in meeting your pet's needs.

A typical day is that there is no "typical day" for veterinary technicians. Duties vary depending on the day, the type of veterinary practice, and the skill level and job experience of each tech. Here are some of the common duties performed by veterinary technicians:

·         Greet clients and pets for an appointment or for drop off for surgery, other procedure, or boarding.

·         Weigh each pet, take a history, body temperature, and other vital signs for the veterinarian.

·         Assist the veterinarian in the exam room, treatment area, and surgery.

·         Assist the front desk staff with pet records, doctor's requests and instructions for clients.

·         Draw blood, do in-house lab tests, read microscope slides, perform fecal tests, prepare blood work and tissue samples to send to outside laboratories.

·         Educate clients about the procedures, medications, diets recommended by the veterinarian.

·         Administer and monitor sedation and anesthesia. (Only under direct supervision of veterinarian) for patients.

·         Take dental radiographs (x-rays) and perform dental cleanings on pets. (Only under direct supervision of veterinarian)

·         Take other radiographs - limbs, abdomen, spine, bladder, intestinal tract, whole body - as ordered by the veterinarian.

·         Count out pills and prepare all other medications - ointments, ear and eye cleansers, deworming powders, etc. - as directed.

·         Clean kennels, cages, and treatment areas of the daily blood, urine, saliva, fecal matter, anal sac secretion, pus, vomit and other messes that are part of everyday veterinary life.

           We are looking to collect: small gifts/product and service donations, coupons, gift cards.  No donation is too small! [1] Help us recognize our tremendously hard-working and skilled veterinary technicians in whatever way you can. Email jocelynpotthoff@mvmc.vet with gift and contribution suggestions. 


[1] *** 91% of customers switch to brands that support good causes. *** Source: http://www.conecomm.com/research-blog/2015-cone-communications-millennial-csr-study